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Sliding gate installation is one of the easiest ways to provide open access to a sidewalk. Sliding gates are able to be used in any part of a building, not just inside. They are also very useful when the need for outdoor access is required. These gates are able to accommodate sliding to make the entrance into a building more secure and to keep the guests from walking onto the sidewalk. The sliding doors come in many different sizes, widths and designs, and can be constructed from different materials. In fact, they can be made from concrete, wood, steel or aluminum.

When you have a slip and fall problem, you may need to use the entire staircase to get to an exit or to access the stair case. You could hire a stilt company to install a gate that will swing in either direction, so the entire staircase can be safely accessed. A large wooden gate system, which is very easy to maintain, offers much greater security than an iron gate system. A gate squared will give you better security. Gates squared are most often chosen by those who have a lot of guests over their house.

Gates squared are sometimes confused with staircases. A gate squared is made from wood and is used for the entrance to a porch or foyer area. The gate squared is about two feet wide and is generally taller than a staircase. The squared gates can be made from wood, wrought iron or wrought aluminum. Most gates squared are installed without any kind of pre-drilling. After this, you should be able to find a door for your home with any of the regular metal doors or door styles, with ease and comfort.

Gate Squad provides sliding gate installation  in Washington DC. Contact us at (202) 935-4885 and get a free estimate.

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