Electric Gate, Sliding Gate, Swing Gate & Arm Barrier Operators

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Electric Gate, Sliding Gate, Swing Gate & Arm Barrier Operators


Gate Squad has gathered a team of professional operators all across the region. These operators are highly skilled and experienced in their fields. When you have a large elevator, it’s hard to find someone to help you move or manually operate the lift. Sometimes, you may have to hire a helper if you have a lot of employees or perhaps some other situation that requires a higher level of expertise on your part. Luckily, there are a lot of skilled operators available at Gate Squad who can operate and run the elevator with their very own set of skills. Contact us to get more information.

There are two main types of operators at Gate Squad – those who are known as electric gate operators and then there are the mechanical gate operators. Electrical gate operators do not actually touch the gate itself but they merely have to put the command for the lift to come to life. They also need to know where the door is so they will know when to take it down. Mechanical gate operators on the other hand, have more control over the whole lifting process. They can push, pull, unlock, lock, secure, or activate any of the lifts in the elevator. Gate Squad professional operators deals with the very complex door systems and keep them in pristine working condition. Contact us to avail our skilled operators’ services.

Gate Squad has swing gate operators. You would need a lot of operator expertise because the different movements they need to make may come in varying degrees of difficulty. For instance, if you want the pole to go in the middle or even on its side, then you might need more hands than what you may initially think. There are Gate Squad professional operators of swing gate who are able to handle more difficult swing gates. Not all operators are created equal. In many instances there are operators out there that will pretend to be a working professional in the field, while they are really just an amateur in disguise. So, choose wisely. Choose Gate Squad which guarantee professional operator services.

LiftMaster Model T operators are typically harder to find. Operators of LiftMaster Model T’s do exist, but you may not always be able to tell from the person you are dealing with. Gate Squad has a team of best LiftMaster Model T operators who can operate with their best skills. Since many operators work on the assumption that a LiftMaster Model T operator is an experienced professional in the field, it will be best to avoid working with these individuals. If the operator that is interested in handling your model T is not what they appear to be, they may be trying to take advantage of you by selling you something you do not need. Therefore, Gate Squad has decided to provide you what you need with the highly skilled LiftMaster Model T operators.

Gate Squad is increasing the variety day by day. We offer following models of LiftMaster Brand which are LiftMaster Model H, LiftMaster Model MJ, LiftMaster Model MT, LiftMaster Model T. If you need any kind of maintenance or operational services related to these models, feel free to contact us.



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We had a great experience with Gate Squad. The work was very organized and successful.  I agree with the last reviewer - fast, reliable and honest.

Michael I. Lin

Gate Squad provides excellent repairs and service. They were not only fast but thorough. I would use them in the future and recommend to others.

Marvin S. Maggi

Great service, quick response and reasonable rates.

Marc E. Davis