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Looking for an electric swing gate opener service in Washington DC.The Electric Swing Gate Opener is usually found on sliding gates, plastic and glass-walled or patio gates. These were designed to be very simple to operate, and to be used by those who are not professionals at home improvement projects. To keep them working properly it is necessary to make regular repairs and adjustments to them. These can be made at any home improvement store or can be done with the help of a professional electrician who specializes in fixing this kind of gate.


If you have an electric gate opener that works correctly but is always malfunctioning, it is possible that the power cord needs to be replaced. There are two types of cords, one to plug into your wall, and one to run along the base of the gate itself. If the cord is plugged into the wall, simply unplug it from the outlet and use a cord cutters to remove the old cord. You can replace it with a new one, but it may be harder to do, and may require some skill. Try replacing it with the cord cutters until you are comfortable doing it yourself. Replace the gate opener unit with a new one that matches the model number on the unit. To prevent the gate from malfunctioning, make sure it is always plugged into an outlet.


The other type of cord that is frequently broken on these are rolled up gates. These may need the regular maintenance and adjustments that the sliding gates do. Because the roll up doors are opened up and closed very quickly, they can be dangerous if they are opened up too much. If your roller door is malfunctioning, try to test it and adjust it if necessary. Replace the roller door unit with a new one, and make sure you have replaced all of the wires for it.

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