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When most people think of an electric security gate, they tend to envision the one with the rolling gates. They usually picture a gate that swings open like a door, or a gate that rises out of the ground and moves up and down like a ramp. Some folks even think of rolling gates that take less than one minute to open or close. Others are thinking about electric gates that plug into an electrical outlet, or gates that use batteries that have to be changed often.

While you can certainly install a rolling gate on your property, some people prefer the look of traditional metal-banded gates that lock into the ground. To my way of thinking, these look better. You can choose from several types of rolling gates, including: steel, aluminum, rolling door, rolling rocker, rolling eyelet, sliding door, and sliding rocker. Of course, there are many styles to choose from when choosing between the various types of rolling gates. Some of the more popular types include: rolling door, rolling rocker, rolling eyelet, sliding door, sliding rocker, rolling gate, standing head, roller gate, and roll up. You’ll find all sorts of options in the rolling gate category as well.

One of the most interesting new features of modern rolling gates is the ability to adjust the height of the top of the frame. In addition, if you want to roll the gate up, the lower part of the rollers will extend up through the floor so the gate won’t touch the ground. There is also a special configuration option available for the lower part of the rollers, so the base of the roller folds out and the chain connects to the rollers. In addition, the locking mechanism for the handle of the door is often included as part of the option package.


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