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The Electric Gate Motor, also known as a door motor, is a wonderful invention that turns a set of doors or roll up gates into an attractive piece of equipment. This popular type of motor has made more people safer and more comfortable by reducing the amount of effort required to open a door, gate or other machine. In addition, the Motor uses very little energy and it can be a very simple part to handle. Due to its simplicity, there are literally hundreds of different motor configurations, each with advantages and disadvantages.

The Electric Gate Motor can be powered by a small battery, or a full sized one. One great advantage of the rolling gate motor is that it will allow the user to add your own motor to the design. Most modern roll up gate motors are very small in size, weighing in at no more than one pound. The options for the motor are wide open with even adding a brake, just a small investment for such a versatile device.

Choosing a rolling gate motor is really quite simple. The main deciding factor will be your budget and your specific needs. There are various types of rolling gate motor to choose from, from the small push button motor, to the large-scale electronic DC motor. Each will offer a unique function and different types of configurations, so take some time to explore what your budget will allow you to purchase. If you do end up going with the larger electric gate motor, make sure you’re able to access the various options available so you can make the right choice for your individual application.

Gate Squad provides electric gate motor service in Baltimore MD. Contact us at (443) 377-1377 and get a free estimate.

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